Welcome! Our group is located in the Department of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University. Our research focuses in the area of meta-optics.  By engineering light-matter interaction at the subwavelength scale, our overreaching goal is to develop the next generation of miniaturized and multifunctional optical systems. 

Recent Research Highlights

“Metasurface-Based Solid Poincaré Sphere Polarizer” Physical Review Letters 130, 123801 (2023)

Report by Liangjiang News (in Chinese) 

“Intracavity spatiotemporal metasurfaces” Advanced Photonics 5, 026002 (2023)         

Report by SPIE News (in English) and by Chinese Laser Press (in Chinese)

“Monocular metasurface camera for passive single-shot 4D imaging” Nature Communications 14, 1035 (2023)

Report by Tsinghua News (in Chinese) 

“Computational spectropolarimetry with a tunable liquid crystal metasurface” eLight 2, 23 (2022) 

News & Views in LSA and Report by Chinese Optics (in Chinese)

Recent News

Group Photos

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